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Bronzes du Bénin / Benin Bronze (Nigeria)

The history of art in Benin is difficult to reconstruct. If we compare the documents in the various European museums of ethnography, we find that these symbols and objects have been interpreted very differently. The aim of my research is therefore to establish a database of the objects in European ethnographic museums in order to compile a more complete record of the Benin objects in museum collections and to analyse them as a whole rather than merely on the basis of a single collection. This database, started in January 2015, will consist of photographs of the objects along with the relevant documentation, i.e. the collection archives, inventory books, files, literature etc. As well as enabling a stylistic comparison of the objects, this database will make it easier to reconstruct the history of the collections and their collectors. For a hundred years, museums have been scientifically analysing the objects. The findings of these analyses will now be collated, compared and analysed to confirm or disconfirm the claims art history has made to date.

Objekte aus dem Königreich Benin in Schweizer Museen
Mit Dr. Andreas Schlothauer. In Kunst&Kontext N.20, September 2020. (Deutsch).

Die Rückgabeforderung des Oba Akenzua II (Deutsch).
Oba Akenzua II's restitution requests (English).
In Kunst&Kontext N.13, Juli 2017.

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Bronzes du Bénin /
Benin Bronze (Nigeria)

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